What to Wear

Deciding what to wear for your photo session can be just as difficult as picking a photographer!  I’m no fashion expert, but I’ve got an eye for what looks good together.  Here are some of my tips!

Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in – that goes for your children and husband, too!  If your daughter doesn’t like dresses, please, let her wear pants!  If your husband hates ties, don’t make him wear one!  If you feel like yourself, you’re more likely to look happy and relaxed in your photos.  Fit is important, too.  If your clothes don’t fit properly, you might be uncomfortable and could create unsightly bulges or droops in places where you don’t want them!

You don’t have to match!  Generally, complementary or contrasting colors look great together.  White or black shirts with jeans don’t showcase your personality as well as colors – and often don’t photograph as well.  Let your individuality shine in your outfits.  Pinterest has scores of suggested outfits and color combinations that can give you inspiration. 

The weather in Minnesota is unpredictable.  Layers are a great way to add depth to an outfit but also help you remain comfortable during your session – scarves, cardigans, and tanks are all great layering items. 

Keep it simple!  Shirts with characters, logos, and lettering are distracting in photographs – stick to solids, colors, or patterns.  Look for items with texture; corduroy, demin, chunky knits, and flowing skirts look fantastic on camera.

If you wear glasses, I encourage you to ask your optician if they have an extra pair of glasses for you to borrow – without lenses.  Glasses often reflect our surroundings and that glare can make your eyes completely disappear.  I try my best to position you and have you adjust your glasses to prevent this, but sometimes even my best doesn’t eliminate it.  If you wear the type of glasses that darken in sun or daylight, please – wear a different pair for your photos.  You don’t want to have your eyes hidden behind sunglasses and I don’t want to attempt to edit that!

Fake it, ladies!  Pop on a set of false eyelashes.  They’ll make your eyes really stand out in your photos.  Even if you don’t normally wear makeup, this is a great time to do so.  You’ll feel (and look) like a movie star.

Don’t forget your feet!  You may take off your shoes during the summer months, so make sure that your toes are pretty and your socks are clean!  For the cooler months, shoes should complement your outfits and be comfortable to walk, run, and play in! 

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