Senior Portraits – Tips and Details

Bring lots of choices of clothing – casual and dressy.

  • Solid colors work best – avoid logos or distracting graphics.
  • Layers look great in photos.  If you’re wearing a tank, a cardigan or sweater will help complete your outfit.
  • Generally, darker colors are slimming and flattering for all body types.  Jeans with a dark wash are more flattering than a color or light wash.
  • Modest clothing is preferable to revealing outfits.  Let your clothing choices reflect the image you’d like to portray.
  • Don’t be afraid to go dressy – a suit or formal dress is a great option and may provide a stunning juxtaposition in your setting!
  • Wear your sports attire.  If you’re a dancer, cheerleader, swimmer, band member, mathlete, whatever – show your gear off!  If you’re going to bring your letter jacket, make sure as many of your bars, stars, patches, and numbers are sewn on.
  • Properly fitting, comfortable clothes that flatter your body will not only look great in your photos but will feel great during your session.
  • Pay close attention to what you’re wearing under your clothes to make sure they don’t make an unexpected appearance in your photos.  Properly fitting undergarments should be unnoticeable!

Get your hair and makeup professionally done – but don’t try any new looks!  Your makeup artist will be able to pick the most flattering colors for you and will know how to accentuate your best features.  Unless, of course, you’re that girl on YouTube with all the makeup tutorials.  Guys, you’re not safe here.  Powder will decrease shine, concealer will hide that pimple that popped up at the worst time, and a little Chapstick will make your smile look its best.

Bring a comb, brush, hair product, and hair accessories to keep your hair looking its best or to switch up your hairstyle.

It’s likely that your hands (and feet) will be in your photos.  If you wear polish on your nails, a neutral color is best and should be fresh, with no chips!  Guys should have clean hands and feet with freshly trimmed nails, too.

Don’t forget jewelry and other accessories that complement your outfits.  A sparkly bracelet, dangling earrings, your favorite watch will all add interest to your photos and show off your style.

Shave.  All the places you normally would.  Whether you’re a guy or a girl, the light might catch hairs you’d rather not have highlighted.  If you tweeze or wax your brows, give them some attention to make there are no strays!

Shoes are cool.  That is all.


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