Preparing For Your Session

In the fall of 2012, I took my two daughters out for a special photo session.  I took them to a local park in full fall colors, wearing matching skirts, wagon in tow.  I wanted a photo of each of them individually and a photo of the two of them together to display as three large canvases above my couch.  I succeeded because I had a vision in mind. 

The answers to the following questions help me tailor your session to match your expectations the best.

  • Do you have a vision for your final photos?  Is there a specific location in your home where you want to display your photo(s)?  Which orientation, portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal), fits your space better?  Do you want to create a photo book or collage as a gift for someone?  Or are you more interested in showing off how good-looking your family is on social media?
  • Who will be in the photos?  Are there any shots that you’re looking to achieve?  More specifically, who do you want photos of – lots of individual shots of your child or children,  full family, mom and dad, just mom with kids?  If you tell me ahead of time, I can work to make sure that we get “the shot.”
  • For sessions with kids, it’s best to schedule around their schedule.  Children who are rested and have full bellies are more likely to cooperate for photos than ones who aren’t.  I know I get cranky when I’m tired and hungry!
  • My mom used to have this ugly blue blanket that we used for parades, picnics, and going to the beach.  I really wish that I had a photo of my parents, my sister, and me on that blanket.  If you have a blanket similar to the one I just described, please bring it for your session; chances are that we’ll end up on the ground and your blanket can serve not just as protection from the elements, but a way to remember that blanket when it’s long gone.
  • Pinterest is great for inspiration.  Instead of attempting to recreate photos that other photographers have taken, let’s focus instead on what draws you to a specific photo.  Is it the lighting?  The pose?  The connection between the people in the photograph?  The type of location?  If you’re in love a photo of a young girl in a field of flowers with soft light, we won’t be able to achieve the same thing at a playground at high noon.  The photographs in my portfolio are a good representaion of my photography and editing style; if you like what you see, it’s likely that we’ll be a good fit and I’ll provide the feeling that you’re looking for!
  • Light is best and most flattering during what photographers call the “golden hour.”  The hour or so before sunset and after sunrise is magical.  I try to schedule most of my sessions during that time frame.

Working together, we’ll create the kind of photographs that create amazing memories!

C o n t a c t
F a c e b o o k